Is Your Web Site a Liability Risk?

In today’s Internet-oriented business environment, your company’s Web site is a critical extension of your brand. It must simultaneously be a first impression for new customers and a useful resource for existing ones; a directory entry and an online billboard; a sales tool and a help desk. With so many objectives to accomplish, your Web site probably has a lot going on. Take this quiz to help make sure it isn’t also putting you at risk for a liability exposure.

Step 1
  1. Do you conduct regular audits of your Web site software to ensure adequate privacy and security?

  2. Does your Web site include a privacy policy and use a privacy “seal” program, such as TRUST-e or BBBOnLine?

Step 2
  1. Do you provide "opt-out" instructions on all of your email marketing materials?

  2. Have you made sure that none of your Web site content infringes on someone else’s copyright or trademarks?

  3. Does your Web site provide an email address to handle any complaints of infringement related to third-party content?

  4. Do you have explicit permission to post any images, music, video and other media content that doesn’t fall within the public domain?


Step 3
  1. Does your company have a protocol for monitoring parts of the site where users can contribute, such as comments on your blog?

  2. Is there a fact-checking process to verify that all your Web site content is accurate before it is posted?

  3. Does your Web site display a liability disclaimer for any losses or damages resulting from users’ reliance on the information you post?

  4. If you suddenly left your job, would your second-in-command be ready to take over to avoid a Web site “risk relapse” in your absence?

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