Is Your Cargo Susceptible to Theft and Transit Damage?

When shipping cargo by air, water or ground transport, your business is exposed to the financial consequences of lost, damaged or stolen goods. Take this quiz to determine how your company can do more to keep cargo thieves at bay and your products safe from transit damage.

Step 1
  1. Have you established standards of care for handling and transporting goods and included them in contracts with carriers/shipping companies?

  2. Does your carrier perform detailed background screenings on all workers to identify criminal records, drug and alcohol misuse, and discrepancies in work history?

Step 2
  1. Does your carrier subcontract transportation of your goods without securing your prior approval?

  2. Does someone in your company monitor the carrier’s performance carefully throughout the contract period?

  3. Do your containers stand up to the normal rigors of handling and transit (bursting or equivalent Edge Crush test value of at least 200 pounds per square inch)?

  4. Do you display company logos or trademarks in a way that could identify the contents of your shipments?


Step 3
  1. Do you use shipping materials such as unique carton tape, banding straps or security seals that alert the receiver to tampering during transit?

  2. Do you schedule shipments to arrive during normal business hours?

  3. Do your goods change hands or undergo multiple transfers en route to their destination?

  4. Do you ship any of the following types of goods? (Select all that apply)

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