Are Your Mobile Devices Vulnerable to Theft?

High-tech theft is becoming increasingly common as mobile devices -- laptops, phones and Tablets -- are lucrative and often easy targets. Aside from reselling the devices, thieves stand to profit from accessing business plans, customer lists, employee records and other confidential and proprietary information stored on them.

Take this quiz to find out if you and your company are following the best practices to safegaurd your intellectual capital.

Step 1
  1. Have you inventoried the business and personal information stored on your devices?

  2. Do your mobile devices include encryption and password protections?

  3. Can your mobile devices be wiped clean of all data from a remote location if they are lost or stolen?

Step 2
  1. Are you using the latest version of protection software?

  2. Is information stored on your mobile devices backed up on a regular basis?

  3. When you must leave a laptop or other mobile device in your car, do you hide it?


Step 3
  1. Does your company have a cyber-incident response plan that has been recently tested?

  2. Does your company conduct regular mobile audits to minimize cyber attacks?

  3. Does your company maintain a strong firewall and anti-virus software for mobile devices?

  4. Are employees expected to educate themselves on mobile device safety and its importance on their own time?

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