About 20 percent of all fleet vehicles are involved in accidents annually, and motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of occupational fatalities in the United States. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, some of the major factors of employee crash fatalities include:

  • running off the road or failing to stay in the proper lane (46%);
  • driving over the speed limit or too fast for conditions (23%);
  • driver inattention (11%); and
  • drowsiness or falling asleep (7%).

Take this quiz to assess your fleet safety practices:

Step 1
  1. Are you certain that your drivers do not allow unauthorized individuals to drive their company vehicle?

  2. Have you informed your drivers not to enter private property without permission?

  3. Are you monitoring whether repairs are being made as issues are reported?

Step 2
  1. Do you have a policy against texting and cell phone use while driving?

  2. Do you regularly assess whether drivers are well versed in written fleet policies and operating procedures?

  3. Have you instructed drivers to secure all objects in their vehicle?


Step 3
  1. Do you encourage your drivers to avoid traffic by taking alternate routes?

  2. Do all fleet vehicles have first aid and emergency kits?

  3. For privacy reasons, do you not require drivers to report moving violations to the company?

  4. Do you terminate or strip employees of driving privileges when they fail to follow fleet safety policies?

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