Rip Current Realities

Rip currents are extremely strong and flow away from land. According to the United States Lifesaving Association, they are the leading surf hazard– accounting for more than 100 deaths annually and 80% of all beach rescues.

Take this quiz to see if you know how to identify and survive a rip current.

Step 1
  1. Can a rip current occur at a large lake?

  2. Is it impossible to identify a rip current by looking at the water from the beach?

  3. Do you ever swim when no one else is around?

  4. Do you swim 100 or more feet away from piers or jetties?

Step 2
  1. Is it true that rip currents pull people under the water?

  2. If caught in a rip current, would you try to swim directly against it, straight back towards shore?

  3. Is it best to free yourself from a rip current by swimming parallel to the shoreline?


Step 3
  1. Is it possible to survive a rip current just by calmly treading water until the current subsides?

  2. If you saw someone caught in a rip current, would you jump into the water to save that person?

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