Are You Smart About Moving Art?

Whether you’re moving to a new home or relocating pieces of your collection into storage, to a museum, or to a secondary residence, there’s much more to transporting fine art than packing it into a moving van. Take our quiz to make sure you and the parties you’ve hired to move your art are handling these treasured works with the care they deserve.

Step 1
  1. Do you use a specialty packer who works frequently with conservators, auction houses, art dealers, museums or other collectors?

  2. Prior to shipping, do you create an inventory list of items and share it with both the shipper and receiver?

Step 2
  1. Do you closely inspect your artwork for any damage prior to packing and shipping it?

  2. Does the vehicle being used to transport your art have secure, functioning locks?

  3. Does the vehicle being used to transport your art have a climate control system?

  4. Is your art being strapped snugly to the walls of the vehicle to avoid movement during transport?


Step 3
  1. Is the shipping or packing company using high-quality crates and wrapping to protect your pieces?

  2. Upon arrival, do you check off each package/item according to a shipping inventory list (see question 2)?

  3. If an item is damaged in transit, do you take photos and save the wrapping materials?

  4. Are your items insured under a policy specifically designed for fine art?

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