Is Your Teen Ready for the Wheel?

When a teenager gets behind the wheel, he or she is on her own to make decisions that threaten or protect lives. However, the example parents set and the expectations they communicate can strongly influence a teen’s behavior on the road. Take this quiz to help assess your knowledge of the rules of the road and whether your teen is prepared to be a safe driver.

Step 1
  1. Do you know the provisions of your state’s graduated license law?

  2. During the first few months of driving, do you plan to permit your teen drive with friends in the car?

  3. Do you use your cell phone while driving in the car with your child?

Step 2
  1. Have you set rules for your teen driver and discussed the consequences for breaking them?

  2. Have you looked into apps to help control your child’s cell phone use while driving?

  3. Is the car your teen will be driving equipped with safety features like electronic stability control and curtain airbags, and does it have good crash-test results?


Step 3
  1. Have you taken your teen driving in a variety of weather conditions?

  2. Does your child know how to respond in an accident?

  3. Does your child recognize their driving weaknesses?

  4. Do you feel confident in your child’s driving abilities?

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