Is Your Classic Car Ready for the Road?

Spring is here, and what could be more pleasurable than a joy ride in your collector car? After keeping your classic car in storage for the winter and before you take your baby out for the first ride of spring, have you checked to see if it’s ready for the road?

Take this quiz to see if your collector car is ready for its first drive of the year:

Step 1
  1. Have you inspected the interior, exterior and under the car to check for leaking fluids?

  2. Have you cleaned off the battery terminals with a wire brush?

  3. Have you remembered to remove any rodent deterrent items (for example, a rag in the exhaust pipe) that you put in place for winter storage?

  4. Are you assuming that your tires (and spare tire) are topped to their appropriate psi?

Step 2
  1. Do you have a 50/50 mix of coolant and water in your coolant system?

  2. Are your headlights, break lights and signals working properly?

  3. Do your hoses and clamps appear to be loose or well worn?

  4. Did you think to check the wheel lugs to make sure they are tightened to the appropriate specifications?


Step 3
  1. Are you planning to start the engine, for the first time since winter storage, without a fire extinguisher handy?

  2. Have you checked for the correct levels of brake fluid and have you thought to tap the breaks before you head out?

  3. Are you confident your collector car is properly insured?

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