Ahoy Matey, Ready To Launch?

For millions of boaters around the world, it’s time to de-winterize your watercraft and get ready for the year’s maiden voyage!

Annual preparation and maintenance are a must to help ensure a safe boating season. Take this brief quiz to see if you’re ready for launch!

Step 1
  1. Have all the onboard electronics, such as the radio, GPS, compass and depth finder, been tested?

  2. Are all your fluid levels, including engine oil, power steering, power trim reservoirs and coolant, topped to recommended levels?

  3. Do the windshield wipers appear over-worn or cracking?

  4. Have you removed the distributor cap to clean and check for corrosion?

Step 2
  1. Did you flush the cooling system and replace the old antifreeze with equal parts of water and coolant?

  2. Does the hull show any gouges, chips or cracks?

  3. Have you replaced your spark plugs with new ones and then lubricated the engine with an appropriate product?


Step 3
  1. Will you inspect the fuel system for leaks or damage and see if the fuel hoses appear to look soft, brittle or cracking?

  2. Is your boat restocked with safety equipment, gear and first aid supplies and have you confirmed the expiration dates on date-sensitive items like flares and fire extinguishers?

  3. Have you tested the bilge pump?

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