Auto Theft

Today, most cars are equipped with anti-theft devices. Though the systems vary in sophistication, immobilizing anti-theft devices have resulted in a decrease in thefts of cars and vehicle parts since the late 1990s.

Typically, thieves are interested in stealing certain makes and models of cars—not necessarily luxury vehicles. Ford F150 pickups, Honda Accords and Camrys, for example, are more frequently targeted because thieves can easily sell the parts on the black market.

That said, some makes and models of cars are targeted by professional thieves who can overcome even the best of anti-theft devices. And, sometimes unwittingly, any of us might drop our defenses and make life a little easier for even the less skilled thief.

If you’re driving to the city for an evening out, refrain from taking your new or higher-priced car to avoid thefts or dings. And, when parking, don’t tempt fate. Park in a well-lit, well-guarded parking garage. At home, put your keys in an inconspicuous and unexpected place. You may have been storing them on a hook or key rack by the garage door. This is an easy target for a thief who has to make a quick getaway.

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